Invision Auto Imports is a wholesale distributor who tries to protect and support all our dealers.  Invision will try to forward all retail customers to our closest dealer in that area.  Our marketing goals are mainly aim to help all our dealers in Canada to increase sales in the products we distribute. 


The Canadian market is very different from the United States.  The Canadian market consist of a much smaller population spread across a large land mass.  Also with the majority of the country under snow for about half the year, marketing strategies must be taken in a different approach.


Invision's strengths and knowledge in the Canadian aftermarket performance market has led to Invision success in many of its product line.  Invision believes that a strong and close relationship with the manufacturers are very important and will continues to work closely with the manufacturers to help plan marketing strategies for Canada in order to promote the products to its fullest capability.  Invision has proven itself with a majority of its product line by at least tripling the manufacturer's Canadian sales within the first year of obtaining the product line.


Invision tries its best to help all Invision dealers with marketing support.  Products flyers, posters, online media files & banners are provided to all Invision dealers to help promote the products to their retail customers.  Invision also tries to help our dealers at car shows throughout Canada with technical and product knowledge as well as product & visual displays at dealers booths if needed.


Other marketing marketing strategies used by Invision includes,


- Magazines Ads

- Sport Compact Car Shows

- Canada Intl. Car Shows

- Grand Prix Champ Car Events

- SEMA Las Vegas

- Promotional Vehicles

- Flyers & Posters

- Banners & Stickers

- T-shirts, Lanyards, License Plates

- Websites & Forums

- Product Displays

- Sponsorships