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Thank you for your interest in Invision Auto Imports & Invision Auto Distributions.
Invision Auto Distributions is a division of Invision Auto Imports which was founded in 2002.
Year 2011 will be Invision's 9th year for business.  Below is a brief history of our company.



Invision Auto Imports / Invision Auto Distributions


Invision Auto Imports is a Performance Auto Parts Wholesale Distributor.  Invision has always supported all our dealers including our local dealers by forwarding retail customers to them.  Our head office and main warehouse is based in Edmonton, AB, Canada and we welcome all dealers/distributors to come to our showroom front and to visit our warehouse to look at the high quality parts we carry (showroom viewing only by appointment).  We are always happy to work with any new honest dealers and distributors.

Invision’s main value is our friendly and courteous Customer Service. We treat our customers with utmost respect and we are always willing to go the extra mile to help them out.  Every Invision customer is attended to with urgency, patience and understanding. The company will do everything possible to make sure that goods are delivered promptly and in good order.  We will ensure accountability for every order you have placed with us and to make certain that you are happy and satisfied with our service and products.

Our online store is open 24/7, so no matter what time of day it is you’re able to place your orders either through our online order form or fax us your printed order form.  We have a very speedy manner of replying to emails and replies are usually within the same day.  However, in the event of receiving high volume of emails and orders, please allow up to 1 business day for a reply.  You are free to call us for help from Monday-Friday 10am - 6pm Mountain Time, however, our phone lines are usually busy, so we do highly recommend emailing or using msn for our quickest response.  You can also leave us a message on our answering machine and we will try and get back to you within the day as your call is important to us.


Charity Organizations


Invision is also very proud to donate a portion of all sales to World Vision.  As long as Invision is around, we will always appreciate our fortunate success and will always be giving back to the world by helping the less fortunate children in this world.  Please visit www.worldvision.com and you can find out all about world vision and their goals toward helping the less fortunate children in this world.


  Building a better world for children - www.worldvision.com / www.worldvision.ca



Brief History of Invision:


2002 - 2004 - From a small home business venture started in 2002, Invision started out specializing in the import & export business of high quality performance auto parts.  Securing quick and affordable freight charges for our customers world-wide has lead to our big volume of customers around the world.  Eg. Canada, USA, Germany, Hungary, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Hong Kong, Australia, Ireland, Korea and more.  With much hard work and high values, Invision has grown and expanded into a warehouse based international business after a span of only three years!  Invision success in its local Canadian market was also due to the vast budget we have put into advertising during these few years.  From full page & double page ads in the magazines, to setting up trade show booths at many major car shows around Canada from Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg & Toronto.  Invision also moved into a full commercial warehouse building where we were able to increase our inventory to increase turn around times and increase service quality for our dealers and customers.  


2005 - In its 4th year of business, Invision's growth has surpassed its expectation.  Invision has expanded into becoming an International Wholesaler for strictly high quality products only.  Invision Auto Imports has also opened up a branch company, Invision Auto Distributions whose main function is to deal with only wholesale and service its dealers and distributors in Canada.  With more impressive new products, its sales have increased tremendously in 2005. During this year, Invision has also managed to gain many exclusive rights for the Canadian Master Distribution to many well known manufacturers like Seibon, Kaminari, Rotora, RS-R, JP Aerodynamics, Bride and Mtec Maruta.  Invision has dedicated a large budget into advertising this year to increase exposure of its company and its product lines around Canada.  Invision attended some high profile events like Edmonton's First Grand Prix Event.  Shipping up the famous Drift Cars from Rotora, Cwest, RS-R, JP, Axis and along with inviting in Drift Star Verena Mei was just a few of its highlights of this year.  Invision also had a display of  Drift Cars at the famous West Edmonton Mall (biggest mall in the world) for a week.  Great thanks and appreciation to our valued sponsors who  gave us the opportunity to work together in the promotion of the drift scene in Canada this year.  We have spent a large amount of time promoting our product lines and exposing our company to the Canadian market in 2005 and the benefits were quickly realized with increasing sales.


2006 -  Invision launches its new website for easier access for our Canadian dealers and distributors!  With login access to prices and inventory, this has increase productivity and service quality for our dealers and distributors.    Invision has also increased stocking inventory in 2006 to serve dealers with even quicker turn around times.   Invision Auto Imports also continues in greater effort to build its import and export business and business relationships overseas during this year.  Invision continues its advertising campaign in Canada with more emphasis in the Drift scene for 2006.  Officially purchasing the famous RS-R IS300 Race Car into the team this year, we toured the car around Canada.  We are greatly appreciative of the sponsors who have supported us during this tour.  Invision also continued  to attend more high profile events this year like the Edmonton Grand Prix and also the Toronto Grand Prix.  Flying its crew out there and working with our local Ontario dealers was a great success.  We also attended many other car shows around Canada like DTP and SCN during this year,  Putting aside a huge budget again for advertising in magazine & car shows and with very careful planning, Invision knowledge for the Canadian Market has proved itself to be very successful as sales volume continues to increase every month.  


2007 - With Invision's success in its past years, it has led to another a fantastic 2007 year.  With another record year in sales, and due to our increasing growth and demand of our products, Invision will be moving to a new larger warehouse location on Jan 1st, 2008!  Invision's new location will also give better access to all our dealers & shipping companies.  Invision will also have a much larger showroom for product viewing.  Invision continues to constantly try and improve and increase its customer service which led Invision to another very strong and promising year during 2007.


2008 - Going into its 7th year of business, Invision has finally completed its move into its new larger warehouse location!  Moving warehouses was surely a lot of work, but it was definitely proven to be a positive outcome for Invision.  Invision's 2008 year was again another record year for sales as we continue to grow and become an even bigger impact in this performance auto parts industry.  Invision has now proven its top customer service and top quality product line offered is a major reason why Invision has continued to grow year after year with great success.


2009 - A year where the world economy took a sudden hit as it goes into a worldwide recession.  The auto industry has taken a big hit with many of the major automotive manufacturers sales decreasing by over 30% of previous year's sales.  This big impact has definitely affected the whole auto industry including the aftermarket performance parts companies.  Along with many other companies and distributors, this is the first year Invision growth dropped from its previous year high from 2008.  However, Invision will always continue to offer great service and products to all our dealers and customers.  With this said, 2009 was a slower year for Invision, but still a successful year.


2010 - The world economy continues to be in a slump with many countries continuing its recession trend.  Auto industries also continues to struggle in this slow economy, with many companies forced to close its doors.  Luckily, Canada's economy did not suffer much of the negative effects the recession had on many of other countries including the USA and Japan.  Also due to the volatile currency market, product pricing has been a struggle to keep constant.  Japan Yen has increased in strength again against the CAD and USD which has led to yet another year of increase in prices for a majority of Japanese products.  However, USD has weaken against the CAD which has increased exports for countries like USA and China.  During this year, Invision continues to stay positive and strong to its values.  Sales statistics has been very unpredictable this year, however, Invision overall sales remained constant to 2009.  Invision has wisely taken this time to strengthen its future by reorganizing the company.  Invision goal for 2011 is to strengthen its customer service and product lines.  Dropping unsuccessful product lines and replacing it with new upcoming product lines.  Example: Adding Cusco, Wed Sport, Work Wheels, and a few other new lines soon to be released! With the current economy seemingly starting to turn around, Invision looks forward to a great year in 2011.  Look out and look forward to Invision's release of our new updated websites and our new product lines in 2011!



We thank all Invision Auto Imports & Invision Auto Distributions dealers, customers & suppliers for your valued business and support in helping our company to achieve huge success.  Whether you are a customer buying for individual needs or a dealer who wants quality parts and service, we at Invision promise to try our best to serve your needs and continue our first class customer service to you.  We thank you again for your time in getting to know more of us and we hope we can be your #1 performance auto parts supplier for years to come.


Invision Auto Imports

Invision Auto Distributions